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Servcorp offers meeting rooms to your business needs and requirements.

Video conferencing

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Video conferencing is a method of telecommunication, which utilises online video technologies. It allows two or more locations to communicate with each other instantly by using two-way video and audio transmission feeds.

Video conferencing is different from video phone calls as it serves the purpose of holding conferences and meetings with a group of people in a given number of national or international locations instead of simply between individuals.

With the regular developments in the technology available, video conferencing provides businesses with a low cost and more personable method for conducting international business communications, particularly for businesses with branches all over the world. It enables businesses to make cuts in the cost of travelling to international destinations for meetings and general decision-making. It is also an essential element that can be utilised by business startups looking to quickly expand their operations to the rest of the world.

Video conferencing Servcorp offers video conferencing and telepresence facilities in video conferencing rooms in London and 140 locations worldwide.