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Serviced office rental

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A serviced office is a work space with all the basic needs and services of a regular office, however, it is different from a traditional office, in that it provides secretarial services, video conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, internet connections and more at a fraction of the cost of renting a conventional office space.

A serviced office is an office that is fully equipped and managed by a management company who rent individual office spaces to different companies.

Everything you would expect from an office is set up and ready for when you move in, which minimizes the costs associated with technical/infrastructure set up and operation. Common facilities like photocopying machines, fax machines and kitchen facilities are shared among different business tenants.

Service offices are particularly suitable for three types of business: home-based businesses, new business starters and business that are in their expansion stages. Home based professionals can work in a relaxing and comfortable environment, but they can face distractions at home that can result in inefficiency and low work output. Home based workers looking into serviced office rental will find out that they can flexibly rent spaces as and when they are required and take advantage of inspiring environments filled with like-minded people who are willing to share ideas and expertise.

For new businesses, budgets are often limited but serviced office rental provides a cost-effective solution. Despite serviced offices often central location the cost of renting is much lower than setting up a traditional office in similar locations. Included in the rental fees are other indispensable administrative services that contribute to the effective operation of any business, such as professional receptionists.

Last but not least, if your business is ready for expansion, a serviced office will have larger working spaces and training rooms for you to rent immediately. Business owners can ensure that all staff are able to work in one team oriented environment, negating the need to employ remote working practices. When businesses are ready to expand into a larger office site, serviced office contracts offer flexibility and enable them to leave at short notice.

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