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Instant office

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Instant office refers to an office which is fully equipped with office rooms and meeting rooms for companies to rent immediately. Instant offices can be located in attractive locations, which can assist in raising the profile and prestige of the company using the service. Newly-set up businesses are generally suited to renting instant offices.

They can benefit greatly from the provision of a correspondence address, telephone line or fax number without the costs associated with leasing a long term office space. There are many reasons why new businesses rent instant offices.

  1. They can register at a centrally located address at a cost which is affordable for them. Having a prime address in a town or city's business centre can project professionalism and success to clients and customers.
  2. Instant offices can offer the professionalism of a trained receptionist to answer phone calls. This service provides an appealing corporate image to clients and customers. Telephone answering services often include a trained receptionist who answers incoming calls to your local phone number using your company name and greeting. Most importantly, calls can also be transferred to the office, mobile message bank or anywhere in the world.
  3. Mail forwarding services are also one of the keystones to an instant office service. Mail can be forwarded to an external, pre-registered address for collection at a later date and alerts can be sent to the recipient via SMS or email. The frequency of the forwarding service can also be selected, ranging from every day to once a month.
  4.  Last but not least, the latest technologies, like video conferencing for example, are provided in instant office spaces to assist you in running your business professionally and effectively.

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