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You agree that access to and use of this website are subject to the following Servcorp Terms and ConditionsPrivacy, Security Purchase, Product and Customer Care policies on this website. By entering this website you agree to be bound by these rules and any other notices accepted by you on this website. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions contained in the website.



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Review of terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time, such changes to be effective upon posting on this website.  Your continued use of the website after any such changes will indicate your acceptance of such changes.

First Month Free policy

Servcorp's Virtual Office 'First Month Free' promotion require a set-up fee and/or the collection of payment information upon sign-up. By signing-up to this special offer, you agree to accept our terms and conditions of trade and understand our privacy policy.


Identification Requirements

It is a requirement of membership that identification of the Client be provided prior to commencement of service. In addition, should membership be in the name of a company, suitable company registration and address verification documents will be required. Services will be set up as of the commencement date listed on the Agreement but will only be activated once the necessary documentation/information has been provided to ensure compliance with UK law; it is the responsibility of the Client to supply the requested documentation/information in a timely manner. The specific forms of identification required will be given to the Client by Servcorp in accordance with the applicable law in the United Kingdom and may be subject to change from time to time. If Servcorp does not receive the documentation from the Client within the specified timeframe, Servcorp will not continue to provide services. All membership applications will be subject to Servcorp’s due diligence checks and procedures, which can occur at both the commencement of membership and at any time during membership.



All prices are charged in GBP British pounds plus VAT.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX credit cards for online transactions under a secure payment gateway.

Any transactions paid by a credit card with an international currency, the issuing financial institution will automatically convert to GBP and apply any additional charges to the customer.


Contacting us

Servcorp welcomes your comments regarding our Website Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions and would like further information, please contact us by any of the following means during business hours Monday and Friday.

Call: +44 203 205 7200

Post: Attn: Website Terms and Conditions


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