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Mail forwarding service

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A mail forwarding service is not only a convenient way of reliably collecting letters and other professional documents if you are frequently out of the office but these services can also be used to filter out unwanted junk mail and circulars. They are flexible enough to allow professionals to choose the most appropriate way of collecting mail either by forwarding them to an alternative pre-registered address or by simply collecting the mail at a later date.

Furthermore, mail forwarding services can send out notifications by email or SMS whenever mail has been delivered.

By having a mail forwarding service, business professionals gain extra flexibility throughout their working day. It can also reinforce the complete office experience by separating work and home in addition to filtering out junk mails, which is a great time saver.

Servcorp mail forwarding services

Mail forwarding company in London Thanks to Servcorp you can avoid unwanted visits to your home address and run your business from a prestigious address.