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January 2013 | Servcorp

Small businesses have long understood the benefits of a fully serviced office, but there are an increasing amount of larger businesses coming on board. Serviced offices enable businesses to work in spaces specifically tailored to their needs without many of the financial and operational hassles.

The flexibility of a serviced office allows a business to get started straight away – you can be up and running within an hour. Furniture, utilities and technologies such as video conferencing, high speed internet and telephones are all in place as you state your requirements before you move in. There are also staffed receptions at your disposal with trained employees to answer your calls professionally.

For those of you constantly on the go, a serviced office is the perfect option. As opposed to being rooted in one location where leases are long term and overheads are high, a serviced office offers short term leases with some wanting only a months' notice before you leave. In addition you can book boardrooms and meeting rooms nationally and internationally to accommodate any of your business needs on the move.

A serviced office gives the impression of having a permanent office across the globe without incurring all the costs and implications of it.

Another benefit of a serviced office is that you do not have to be in the office to book any of its features. With smart phone technology constantly developing, apps have been created to sync with the serviced offices. You can download the free app to your smart phone and book any of the meeting rooms or facilities whenever and wherever you like. The app is high speed, taking less than a minute for the booking to complete. It provides users with the most desirable user experience, where you can gain instant access to the best facilities globally.

Its key features include:

  • Choosing the country and city for your meeting
  • Selecting the type of meeting you require
  • A list of available spaces and times
  • Instant confirmation
  • The ability to send invitations to your guests/clients

The ease of use and convenience of this app allows you to efficiently use your time so that you can focus more of it on work.

Further benefits of a serviced office are the reduced financial risks. They effectively eradicate the expense of property management and maintenance costs. With a much smaller rental rate than having a permanent office you can save money to invest in other areas of your business. Reducing your company's financial risk will reduce the usual headache of day –to-day business life.

The combined benefits of a serviced office are invaluable to a busy business constantly on the move.