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  • What is a strategy and why is it important?

    May 2014 | Servcorp

    "What you need is a strategy."

    It's a catch-cry many business owners have heard and undoubtedly spent numerous hours pondering. What exactly is a strategy? And how do you develop a good one? The Oxford Dictionary states a strategy as "A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim". 

  • Are virtual offices more popular with men or women?

    April 2014 | Servcorp

    The increasing popularity for the flexibility and stress-free workspaces that virtual offices provide looks set to grow, but is the trend driven more by men or women?

  • Six tips for more productive networking

    March 2014 | Servcorp

    It's a new year and you want to get out there and grow your business right? As one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, networking is a crucial skill for all professionals. Increase the success and productivity of your networking opportunities with these six easy steps.

  • Creating Sustainable Business Growth

    February 2014 | Servcorp

    Growth may be the essence of all businesses, but there can be a danger in expanding too quickly. How fast is too fast? Help your company flourish and survive by making sure you're able to create sustainable business growth.

  • Overcoming Networking Challenges

    January 2014 | Servcorp

    Networking is a fundamental skill for all businesspeople eager to advance their careers, but successfully making connections doesn't always come easily.

  • The DNA of Business Success

    January 2014 | Servcorp

    Current research reveals the 'DNA' of business success: hard work wins in business, with inexperience and poor planning key reasons for failure of Aussie companies.