Are virtual offices more popular with men or women?

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Are virtual offices more popular with men or women?

April 2014 | Servcorp

The increasing popularity for the flexibility and stress-free workspaces that virtual offices provide looks set to grow, but is the trend driven more by men or women?

There are numerous benefits to abandoning the confines of the traditional office, not least of which is the freedom to run your working hours to suit your home life. The increase in the number of mothers keen to get back into the workplace and pick up their old business connections could be one driving factor behind the rise in virtual office growth.

Offering all the essential professional perks, such as administrative assistance and high-tech equipment, without any of the downsides, virtual offices are ideal for anyone who wants to be able to step right back into the swing of things. That said, women are not the only stay-at-home parents these days, and many new fathers are also discovering the benefits of flexible working.

The entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs particularly appreciate virtual offices. They know how vital it is not only to maximise their budgets but also to create a strong impression on potential clients. This means that fully furnished and well-equipped office premises complete with meeting spaces and boardrooms are a must for important meetings.

Men currently steam ahead of their fellow businesswomen when it comes to embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, so that could be one reason you find more men making use of virtual offices than women. With that said, although male entrepreneurs outnumber females four to one, the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index ranked Australia the second-best environment for female entrepreneurs, behind the US, so the status quo could be set to change.

Virtual office space across UK

Ideal for time-poor entrepreneurs and ambitious new parents – male or female – virtual offices can turn your venture around. Give yourself the freedom to concentrate on essential tasks by calling Servcorp on 0207 256 41000207 256 4100 to hire office space in the City of London or Canary Wharf.