Adam Porter | Volcano Digital

Servcorp Coworking 


"It’s convenient, professional and easy."

Q&A with Adam


What problem were you were trying to solve before starting at Servcorp?

I started working from Servcorp only five months ago. I had spent 18 months before that working from other coworking places. A lot of the time I found them very distracting. Moving to Servcorp it is much more professional and suits my working ways.


What benefits have you experienced since working with Servcorp?

Servcorp’s coworking membership has been a great benefit to me. Being able to use multiple locations throughout Australia, I have used the offices in Manila and will be using Servcorp when I'm travelling in London next year.

Working from Servcorp has given me a better work-life balance. I'm able to leave work at work, rather than sitting at home all day and being distracted by life's normal little things.


What was your first impression of Servcorp?

When I first came in it was amazing. The views of the city are incredible. Every time I bring a client here, their jaws hit the floor.


Would you recommend Servcorp?

I would recommend Servcorp to friends and other co-workers and I have done in the past. Signing up with Servcorp was quick and easy. I came in one day had an office tour, signed up and I was in the next day. Wherever you're working from in the world, there's always a Servcorp office for you to go to.



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