James Graham | Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Servcorp Offices


"We are surrounded by financial industry."

Q&A with James


Why did you choose Servcorp over other workspace solutions?

We as a small-cap listed investment company on the ASX wanted to be at the stepping stone to international opportunity. Really, that Circular Quay area, we are surrounded by the financial industry.


How have the Servcorp team helped your business?

I remember we had set up a wonderful presentation that was happening only down the road at one of the leading stockbrokers. That day one of our key support staff called in sick. Within only an hour, one of the staff at the front desk kindly put their hand up and assisted us at that presentation. I’m pleased to say that the presentation was a great success.


Would you recommend Servcorp?

I say to my buddies, with a bit of a brag on the side, that I’m in my little office here, but my neighbour is the most successful businessman to come out of New Zealand.  So, I’m pretty sure I made the right choice.




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