Kapil Bhatt | Euphoria Loans

Servcorp Coworking


"Convenient and time efficient"

Q&A with Kapil


How has Servcorp’s Coworking membership helped your business?

The office location and environment are great here. It works out really well as our clients work around the city. Instead of moving back and forth, we can catch up with clients at their convenience and at a location they prefer. It’s convenient and time efficient.


What benefits have you experienced at Servcorp?

Multiple locations, affordability and flexible month-to-month terms. The Internet is always fast and reliable and it's comforting to know I.T. supports is always there if I need it.


What has your business been able to achieve since becoming a Servcorp client?

Since we moved into Servcorp the productivity of the business has gone up and the business has seen sales activity rise. It has actually generated more than a 25 per cent increase in revenue compared to last year.


Would you recommend Servcorp and why? 

Clients when they come in and look outside the window, they're mostly blown away with the views. It's quite professional and they start taking you very seriously if they haven't been for.




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