Luke Achterstraat | CEO at Commtract

Servcorp Coworking 


"Everyone that you meet is a potential client."

Q&A with Luke


Has the Servcorp community provided value to your business?

We’ve attended quite a few networking events here. We had a fantastic opportunity to meet the NSW Minister for Innovation, Matt Keen, who is a really important person in our world being a start-up.

We were fortunate enough on our first day as residents of Servcorp that there were actually welcome drinks. That was a great chance to meet other people working here. Through that actually came some business development opportunities for us as a business, which is fantastic. Everyone that you meet is a potential client.


Have you experienced other shared workspace providers? How do they compare to Servcorp?

I think what is unique about Servcorp is I’d say it is Coworking for grown-ups and with a lot more support services available.

Would you recommend Servcorp?

So far our experience with Servcorp has been really professional, really polished, a really well run place to work. We feel like we are amongst friends and we feel really at home, so I would highly recommend Servcorp for any business big or small.



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