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Servcorp Virtual Offices


"Able to say ‘yes’ to any opportunity, and that’s great for my business."

Q&A with Sue


You have been a Virtual Office client for 5 years. Why does this product work so well for you? 

I have been a Virtual Office client for many years and there is a reason why I stayed Virtual. The logistical challenges are really in the sense of not being able to have a guaranteed private space and this is really important in my work because I’m talking to clients about fairly deep personal issues or strategic confidential issues.

I would go and do an executive coaching session for someone at their company, we would find their meeting rooms double booked or somebody is interrupting and we just couldn’t seem to guarantee that we were going to get that private space.

It gives me great comfort and great confidence to be able to say ‘yes’ to any opportunity, and that’s great for my business.


What was your life like before joining Servcorp?

I used to travel to my client’s offices, meet people in cafes and sometimes clients would come and see me at home. Every one of those situations has a trade-off.  It was either going to be too noisy, a fight to keep my boundaries at home or it sounded unprofessional talking to a client from a café. It would take away from the quality of the work that I was doing.

I was allowing my calendar to operate on a very ad hoc basis.  I didn’t have a real structure to where I was going to be at any particular time.


What made you decide to look for a Virtual Office?

For me the decision was can I afford to have an office and how much rent would that be. Before I came to Servcorp I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Virtual Office. It was explained to me and I thought ‘Wow, how good is this. There is no risk to me.’

Once a month you pay a certain fee and then you’re allowed to book whatever resources and rooms you wish to use. I’ve always used it on an as needed basis and I really value the idea of having a variable cost structure in my business.

It made me feel a whole lot more professional and it really raised the standard of the conversation that I was having with my clients and my colleagues.


Why do you continue to work with Servcorp?

Location wise I find Servcorp very flexible. I like to be available to my clients at a convenient time and in a convenient place for them, that also works for me. I tend to divide my week between Norwest, Parramatta and the city.

My home office is here in Norwest, I also use Chifley, Market Street and Gateway and I also use Parramatta a fair bit.  It really helps me with my time management. I can block my times and my sessions with certain people in certain areas and they get the feeling that I’m in a convenient location for them. So really, it’s a win-win situation for me and for my clients.

If need something emailed or photocopied at the last minute, I’ve got a Servcorp team member who can do that for me. I know the Servcorp team really well at all the locations I use regularly. They are beautiful, beautiful girls. I really love working with them and I just feel so supported and I know that wherever I go, I’m going to get that same standard.


Have you experienced any other workspace providers?

I have used different places before where there have been inconsistencies. Not professional, too slow, not nice bathrooms, and all those things.

I don’t want that for my clients. I want my clients to feel very special and really well looked after because that is part of my brand. When I come to Servcorp I feel that way, therefore my clients also feel that way. They often comment on what wonderful offices they are.


Would you recommend Servcorp?

I would totally recommend Servcorp for anyone who wants a 5-star presentation for their business, their clients and who would like flexibility and scalability in their fixed costs.




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